’12th Flunk’: IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma posts fan-drawn design depicting him with Vikrant Massey

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’12th Fail’: A Majestic Victory for Vikrant Massey and Vidhu Vinod Chopra

The film ’12th Fail’, a brilliant creation by Vikrant Massey and Vidhu Vinod Chopra, has garnered immense admiration all over the country. The film presents the absorbing life story of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma. Recently, Sharma showcased a fan-made sketch encapsulating him and Massey, who beautifully portrays him in the film. Sadly, we can’t present the sketch here in the text, but it’s a fantastic piece of artwork that remarkably exhibits the likeness of both men.

Manoj Kumar Sharma: An Unfamiliar Hero

Manoj Kumar Sharma was born in 1977 in Bilgaon, a modest village in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. According to reports obtained directly from our source at Reader Wall, Sharma’s family faced severe financial constraints as his father worked modestly in the Department of Agriculture.

Sharma was not academically adept during his childhood. he barely managed to secure third division marks in Class IX and X. During his Higher Secondary education, Sharma flunked all the subjects, save Hindi. However, a twist in his life story occurs here where he romantically falls for someone, eventually leading to significant change in Sharma’s life.

Vikrant Massey Inspires Fans to Watch ’12th Fail’

Vikrant Massey, the commendable artist playing Sharma in the film, recently expressed gratitude towards his fans through a video on his social media profile. However, we won’t be able to portray the video here due to technical limitations.

Vikrant can be quoted saying, “Our film ’12th Fail’ has been in theatres for almost 80 days. Our team would be forever indebted for the love and respect you have shown towards our film.” He encouraged his fans to go watch the film and requested them to bring along the younger ones to the theatres.

Appealing to the audience connect, he said, “This story is not just ours, it’s your story too. It offers a chance to view real-life instances on the big screen. Thank you all for rewarding us with immense love and affection,” concluded the actor.


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