You are builder of progressive India: PM Modi to young adults

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Prime Minister Modi Asserts Empowerment of Youth and Women in India

In a recent rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted various initiatives implemented by his government. According to him, these measures are significant indicators of empowerment among the youth and women in the country. Modi offered a bold assertion that a developed India will fulfill their ambitions. “You are the architect of a developed India,” Modi conveyed to the gathering of young people at the annual NCC-PM rally. This news comes from the source of Reader Wall.

From Cultural Programs to Securing Major Roles

Modi reflected on prior restrictions of women to cultural events and contrasts it to the present, where his administration has broadened several sectors for women, including the three services. With women making their mark across diverse fields, it was only fitting that this year’s Republic Day parade was dedicated to them.

The Prime Minister further mentioned that the number of women in central security forces has doubled within the last decade. He conveyed that States are being urged to follow this path. With a digital revolution unfolding, Modi believes that the youth will enjoy the majority of its benefits.

5G and Optical Fibre Networks -Advancements Beyond 2G and 3G

A decade ago, people struggled with 2G and 3G infrastructure, but the scenario has changed significantly. Modi pointed out that 5G and optical fibre networks are now reaching every village.

In a veiled critique of past governments, Modi alleged that they intentionally disregarded the development of border villages, labelling them as the nation’s last villages.

On the contrary, Modi’s administration has prioritised the growth of these settlements. With the government’s launch of a ‘Vibrant Village’ programme, these so-called “last villages” now symbolize the country’s “first villages”. Modi envisions these villages transforming into significant tourist centers in the near future.

A Booming Ecosystem of Start-Ups and Quality Jobs

Modi proudly stated that India now boasts the world’s third-largest start-up ecosystem, with over 1.25 lakh start-ups and more than 100 unicorns. He affirmed that these companies are providing young people with quality job opportunities, shaping the digital economy into a new strength and identity of India’s youth.

In his address, the Prime Minister emphasized that a capable government takes present decisions with future prospects in mind. It’s crystal clear priority need to be on a developing nation.

The Future Belongs to the Youth

According to Modi, the primary beneficiaries of his government’s endeavors will the youth currently studying in schools and colleges. They will reap the benefits of a developed nation in 25 years. India, the Prime Minister declared, has now become the second largest producer and importer of mobile phones, thereby making them more affordable for the country’s youth.

The Modi government, he contended, has made efforts to ensure that mobile data is available at cost-effective rates.

A developing India, enabled through digital revolution and youth empowerment, all under the actions of the Modi administration. It is indeed a vibe of a new India in making.

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