Windsor Spitfires Continue Rich Tradition Drafting Sault Ste. Marie Talent for OHL

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The Windsor Spitfires: Celebrating a Tradition of Drafting Players from Sault Ste. Marie

The Windsor Spitfires, a prominent name in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), continue to uphold a tradition of drafting talented players from Sault Ste. Marie. With the upcoming OHL priority selections draft on April 12th and 13th, there is a strong possibility that this practice will continue.

A Legacy of Talent

Over years, several exceptional players from Sault Ste. Marie have proudly worn the Windsor Spitfires jersey. One of the recent additions to this list is Connor Toms, who joined the Spitfires from the Soo Greyhounds earlier this season, further strengthening the rapport between the team and the region.

The Sault Ste. Marie-Stars of The Spitfires

From our source, we have identified six prominent Sault Ste. Marie players who made an indelible mark with the Spitfires. These players, with their remarkable performances, have highlighted the depth of talent that consistently emerges from this region.

  • Brent Jarrett stood out in the OHL, leaving a significant imprint on the Spitfires with his unmatched prowess.
  • Paul Maurice didn’t just shine on the rink as a player but also off it, transitioning successfully into a distinguished NHL coaching career.
  • Kevin MacKay was a scoring marvel, consistently astonishing fans and foes alike with his abilities.
  • Cory Evans captivated everyone with his on-ice leadership skills and his style of play that quickly made him a fan favorite.
  • Craig Kennedy personified reliability, with his consistent performances setting an example for young aspirants.
  • Mario Culina showcased his invaluable skills as a goalie, helping the Spitfires clinch a Memorial Cup championship title.
  • Apart from these, numerous other players from Sault Ste. Marie have graced the Windsor Spitfires team, further establishing the symbiotic connection between the two regions in nurturing hockey talent.

    A Continuing Tradition

    The most recent Sault Ste. Marie player to be drafted by the Spitfires is Gage Evans. Chosen in the 14th round of the 2022 OHL priority selections, Evans is currently honing his hockey skills with the Windsor Lasalle Vipers. We eagerly look forward to seeing more Sault Ste. Marie talents being drafted in the upcoming selections.

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