UST’s Angge Poyos Shines with Career-High 26 Points, Stresses Team Effort in UAAP Season 86

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The UAAP Women’s Volleyball Tournament

UST Golden Tigresses Shine in Recent Match

Our sources revealed an impressive performance during the recent UAAP women’s volleyball tournament match. In particular, Angge Poyos from the UST Golden Tigresses put out a breathtaking demonstration, amassing a career-high of 26 points against Ateneo. This incredible performance played a crucial role in securing her team’s victory.

Poyos Highlights Teamwork & Collective Effort

Interestingly, despite her personal achievements, Poyos was quick to emphasize the role of collective effort and teamwork. Rather than focusing on her personal triumph, she cited the synergized contribution from her teammates as a significant factor in their success. Poyos was also keen on maintaining an enjoyable outlook towards the game while focusing on her contributions both offensively and defensively to her team’s overall strategy.

Need for Continuous Improvement

Beyond the celebration of victory, Poyos acknowledged the need for continual improvement, especially in her passing skills. She cited the importance of maintaining consistency and focus to avoid complacency in the face of successive victories. It’s clear that she holds high expectations for herself and her team’s overall performance in the tournament.

UST’s Best Start in Over a Decade

The phenomenal performance of the UST Golden Tigresses marks a historical turning point for the team. According to our records, this is their best start in the UAAP women’s volleyball tournament in over 12 years. Naturally, the team and their fans have high hopes to continue their winning streak in the upcoming matches.

  • Poyos’ exceptional game performance, scoring a career-high 26 points.
  • The importance of teamwork and collective contributions highlighted by Poyos.
  • Emphasis on the need for continuous improvement, particularly in passing skills.
  • The remarkable unbeaten array of wins marking the UST’s best start in the tournament in 12 years.

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