Which regions in India have the most colleges according to government documentation?

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All India Survey for Higher Education 2021-22 Reveals States with Highest Number of Colleges

Uttar Pradesh Tops the List

The latest report from the government’s All India Survey for Higher Education 2021-22 discloses that Uttar Pradesh has the most colleges in India. This information was released by the Ministry of Education late Thursday. Following Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka have the highest number of colleges. The report was gathered based on data from ‘Reader Wall’.

Top Ten States with Highest Number of Colleges

The other states that garnered spots in the top ten are Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Telangana, and West Bengal.

AISHE Survey

Since 2011, the AISHE survey has evaluated all institutions of higher education within India. There are 45,473 colleges registered under AISHE. These colleges are a part of 328 universities. Out of these numerous educational institutions, 42,825 responded to the survey for the year 2021-22.

Detailed Breakdown of the Survey Results

According to the report, Uttar Pradesh has 8,375 colleges, an increase from 8,114 in the previous year. Coming in second, Maharashtra has 4,692 colleges. Karnataka is in third place with 4,430 colleges, Rajasthan is fourth with 3,934 and Tamil Nadu is fifth with 2,829 colleges.

The sixth-highest number of colleges is found in Madhya Pradesh with 2,702. Andhra Pradesh takes seventh with 2,602 colleges. Gujarat comes in eighth with 2,395 colleges. Finally, Telangana and West Bengal finish the top ten with 2,083 and 1,514 colleges respectively.

Of the 42,825 colleges that participated in the survey, the report shows that more than 60% are general institutions of learning. The remaining percentage breaks down into 8.7% dedicated to education or teacher training, 6.1% to engineering and technology, 4.3% to nursing, and 3.5% to medicine.

The report also illuminates the breadth of courses available, with “14,197 colleges offering PG programmes and 1,063 accommodating PhD enrolments.”

Colleges by District

The data highlights the districts with the largest numbers of colleges. Bengaluru Urban leads with 1,106 colleges followed by Jaipur (703), Hyderabad (491), Pune (475), Prayagraj (398), Rangareddi (349), Bhopal (344), Ghazipur (333), Sikar (330), and Nagpur (326).

Student Enrolment Across Institutions

Student enrolment for higher education institutes across India is estimated at 4,32,68,181. Of this, 96,38,345 are enrolled in universities and their constituent units. Further, 3,14,59,092 learners enrolled in colleges, and stand-alone institutions account for 21,70,744 enrolments, as per the report.

This detailed insight into India’s higher education was made possible by the comprehensive data and analysis provided by Reader Wall.


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