Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony Illuminates 2024 Season with Candlelight Concerts at Brown Derby

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Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra Kicks off 2024 Season with Candlelight Concerts

Our source reports that the music scene in Waterloo-Cedar Falls region is about to experience a new level of sonic brilliance, as their Symphony Orchestra commences the 2024 season at the historic Brown Derby Ballroom. A series of firsts characterizes this ambitious launch, including the introduction of their unique candlelight concerts.

Concert Details and Program

The concerts are scheduled to happen at 4 and 7:30 p.m., promising a mixture of classic symphonies and modern sonic endeavors. One of the notably featured pieces is the ‘Appalachian Spring’ by Aaron Copland, coupled with fresh works from the accomplished duo, OK Factor.

Jason Weinberger, the revered artistic director and conductor for the symphony, could not hold back his excitement about the breakthrough. He expressed particular enthusiasm about the unique candlelight setting and the triumphant return to the deserted Brown Derby Ballroom.

A Novel Concert Experience Awaits

Audiences are about to experience an entirely different form of concert: seating in the round style, with more emphasis on inclusivity rather than the typical face-to-podium arrangement. Transforming this experience further is the spectacular illumination of the ballroom with over 2,000 flameless candles for a mesmerizing aura.

World Premiere: ‘OK Factor Suite’

In addition to the concert’s remarkable setup, it is set to include a world premiere: ‘OK Factor Suite.’ This suite is a presentation of the gifted duo Olivia Diercks and Karla Colahan. Both individuals are classically trained musicians with the ability to smoothly transition between varying music genres. Diercks, a skilled cellist, and Colahan, a seasoned violinist, are recognized for melding classical training with elements of folk and contemporary music.

Ticket Availability

Those interested in attending the concerts should be aware that tickets are limited. Purchase of these tickets is possible through the wcfsymphony website. Alternatively, individuals can secure tickets by directly calling the Gallagher Bluedorn box office.


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