Robert De Niro Champions Joe Biden for 2024, Labels Trump ‘A Total Monster’’ in Candid Interview

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Renowned Actor Advocates for Joe Biden in 2024 Elections

An acclaimed film industry icon recently made a case for Americans to back the current President, Joe Biden, in the impending 2024 elections. The respected actor, Robert De Niro, expressed his views on a popular talk show, urging voters to decide in favor of ‘normalcy’ over the ‘nightmare’ of a possible Donald Trump presidency, sourced from our internal news sources.

De Niro’s Criticism of Trump

In a candid exchange, De Niro did not mince his words in criticizing the former President, Donald Trump. He described Trump as a ‘total monster,’ ‘mean,’ ‘nasty,’ and ‘hateful.’ Rather than understanding why Trump has such a robust support base, De Niro seemed utterly baffled.

In a resolute declaration, the award-winning actor firmly stated that he would never emulate Trump in any acting role, citing a lack of redeemable qualities in the former president. Furthermore, he issued a stern warning about the serious repercussions of a potential second Trump term – repercussions that could extend to prominent figures like him and the talk show host, Bill Maher.

Trump’s Retort

True to his contentious style, Trump did not remain silent. As per our sources, in December, the former President hit back at De Niro by launching a counter-offensive on the actor’s acting skill-set and private life.

De Niro’s Fears of a Trump Regime

De Niro, a two-time Academy Award winner, had previously conveyed his apprehensions about Trump’s thirst for power in 2019 while promoting his blockbuster film, ‘The Irishman.’ Most alarmingly, he expressed fears that Trump might plunge the United States into war just to lengthen his tenure in the Oval Office.

Upcoming Movie Nominations

  • Robert De Niro, famous for his roles in the film industry, is all set to grace the occasion of the Oscars. The highly anticipated film, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ in which he stars, is a strong contender for several awards on Hollywood’s grandest evening.
  • In conclusion, the actor’s fervent plea for a Biden presidency and his strong-worded criticism of Trump signify the clear divide in opinions among the American populace. Only the future will determine who Americans wish to see leading their nation.

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