Warwick & Kenilworth Choral Society Marks 70th Anniversary with Elijah Performance

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Warwick & Kenilworth Choral Society Presents: Mendelssohn’s Elijah

Choral Society Celebrates 70th Anniversary

According to our sources, the renowned Warwick & Kenilworth Choral Society is ready to take center stage for its 70th Anniversary. The pivotal event will take place at the St Nicholas Church in Kenilworth, lined up for the evening of Saturday, March 23. Set to be a landmark occasion in the Society’s distinguished history, the celebration will primarily feature a performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s acclaimed oratorio, Elijah, an emotionally charged and musically impressive offering.

Conductor and Performers: A Mixed Palette of Expertise

The enchanting evening will be brought to life under the proficient hand of conductor Laura Bailie. Known for her vibrant, inspiring and detailed leadership, Bailie promises to underpin each note with her unique touch, bringing vitality to the momentous performance.

Sharing the stage with Bailie will be a host of incredible vocal talents, including soprano Abigail Baylis, mezzo-soprano Rhiain Taylor, tenor Joe Yates, and bass Matthew Nuttall. Notably, the semi-chorus for the concert will be presented by the esteemed Elgar Scholars, adding another layer of depth to the renditions.

The Godiva Ensemble and Colin Druce

Beyond the awe-inspiring vocal performances, the evening will witness the harmonic synergy of The Godiva Ensemble, led by the illustrious Alistair Kennedy. Known for their transformative musical artistry, the ensemble is sure to embellish the performance with their finely-tuned expertise. Accompanying them will be Colin Druce on the organ, promising hypnotic rhythms and harmonies to complement the choral and orchestral marvels.

Ticket Information

Tickets for this unforgettable concert are now available and priced at an accessible £15 for adults, while attendees under 18 and students can secure their place at just £5. Interested parties can purchase their tickets through online platforms and at the door, ensuring everyone an equal opportunity to be part of this musical extravaganza. For those in Leamington, Kenilworth, and Warwick, tickets are also available at local music and book stores.

Don’t Miss This Iconic Performance

With a line-up boasting some of the finest talent across genres and generations, the Warwick & Kenilworth Choral Society’s 70th-anniversary concert is set to be a memorable milestone. Be a part of this significant musical journey and join the globe’s community of choral enthusiasts in enjoying a night of poignant melodies.

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