Rogue Builders Scam Caregiver for £13,000: A Call for Stricter UK Construction Regulations

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Homeowner Hit by Rogue Builders:

Call for Regulation in UK’s Building Sector

According to reports from our sources, a person identified as Andrea Giles, who works as a full-time caregiver, was swindled out of nearly £13,000 by dishonest builders, leaving her housing structures severely damaged. This revealing incident sheds light on the vulnerability of homeowners, who are perpetually under threat by subpar or unnecessary maintenance works, due to the slack laws currently regulating the UK’s building sector.

No Rules, More Problems:

At present, it is startlingly easy for anyone to take up the role of a builder in the UK, mainly due to the lack of constraints and regulations in the construction business. The consequence of such loose rules is that homeowners are collectively incurring losses approaching £3.5bn on an annual basis, cropping up from dubious transactions with rogue tradespeople.

A Victim of Circumstance:

It is worth highlighting that Giles had approached two companies that were seemingly reputable before embarking on this unfortunate experience. The incompetent crews from both firms disappointed her. The first set of builders she employed left her roof in a state of disaster and abandoned the project halfway, demanding an upfront payment of £5,000. The second builder, a lone trader that Giles identified through Checkatrade, was no better.

  • Heartbreakingly, despite completing the work at a cost of £12,900, the trader carried out a botched job which only worsened the leaks in Giles’s home.
  • Adding to her woes, her attempts to seek restitutions were hindered as the trader had only provided her with partial contact details.
  • Checkatrade or Check-a-Traitor?

    Checkatrade, the online directory that Giles engaged, claimed to conduct robust checks and offered a workmanship guarantee. However, when questioned about their liability in this deceitful affair, they claimed they were not responsible for the trader’s lapse. Surprisingly, after the intervention of Guardian Money, Checkatrade succeeded in retrieving £6,000 for Giles.

    Hope on the Horizon:

    In the light of such disturbing incidents, there has been a growing call within the construction industry for the introduction of a formal registration scheme, which aims to establish clear standards and to provide an unambiguous path for victims to challenge substandard works. This proposed scheme promises to address the plight of homeowners like Andrea Giles and should certainly be a priority for the regulating bodies.


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