Vinyl Revival: A Mix of Nostalgia and New Beats in This Week’s Record Store Releases

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Weekly Vinyl Release Updates: Reissues and New Albums Spotlight

From CULT’s Dreamtime to ACE FREHLEY’s 10,000 Volts: A Week of Noteworthy Vinyl Releases

Our sources reveal this week is set to feature an exciting blend of reissues and fresh albums across a spectrum of artists and bands. Top of the highlights is the reissue of CULT’s ‘Dreamtime’ and new album ‘10,000 Volts’ by ACE FREHLEY.

Expectation Builds for The 2024 Record Store Day Exclusives

Another revelation from our inside source follows the announcement of the 2024 Record Store Day exclusives line-up, with anticipation already building up for the celebrated event on April 20th.

CULT’s Debut Album Among Reissues

Among the remarkable reissues, listeners can look forward to CULT’s re-emergence with their debut album on indie-exclusive Oxblood vinyl. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of ‘Bricks Are Heavy,’ L7 returns with a reissue on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl.

An additional notable reissue comes from MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT, which will re-release ‘I See Good Spirits & I See Bad Spirits’ on enticing green swirl or neon green vinyl options.

New Editions of PRINCE’s, SLADE’s, and ROD STEWART’s Albums

PRINCE’s ‘The Vault – Old Friends 4 Sale’ joins the list of reissues. SLADE fans will be glad to get a taste of live tracks from a 1975 London show reissued on white/blue vinyl. This is accompanied by the ‘Swing Fever’ album by ROD STEWART & JOOLS HOLLAND.


Another classic from the past, VAN HALEN’s ‘Live: Right Here, Right Now’, reemerges in a standard reissue. In similar news, WHITE LION plans to reissue two albums, ‘Big Game’ and ‘Mane Attraction,’ on silver vinyl.

The grand finale in the reissue category is the debut of NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE’s ‘Dume.’ Recorded in 1975, the iconic album will now be available on vinyl for the first time, complete with a limited-edition lithograph of the cover for a touch of exclusivity.

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