Vellore’s Naruvi Hospitals commemorate Republic Day

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Naruvi Hospitals Celebrates Republic Day in a Special Way

Naruvi Hospitals, located in the heart of the Chennai-Bengaluru Highway, held a significant celebration for the 75th Republic Day. News comes directly from our source, ‘Reader Wall’.

An Auspicious Ceremony by G.V. Sampath

G.V. Sampath, the founder Chairman of Naruvi Hospitals, conducted the saluting ceremony of the national flag. The Chairman expressed his delight in reaffirming the unity of his countrymen, stating the event served as a reminder of the unity and equality that transcends differences in caste, language, and religion, particularly among the Tamil community.

Participation from Various Departments

The celebration, brimming with fervent patriotism, saw enthusiastic participation from the hospital’s doctors, management, and paramedical staff, who all partook in various activities organized in honor of the Republic Day.

Eminent Personalities in Attendance

The Vice Chairperson, Anitha Sampath; the Executive Director, Paul Henry; the Chief of Medical Services, Aravindan Nair; the Medical Superintendent, Jacob Jose; the Chief Financial Officer, Venkatrangam; and the General Manager, Nithin Sampath, all graced the occasion with their presence. This information was provided in an official press release by the institution.

The event was a true celebration of unity and patriotism, reflecting the spirit of Republic Day. It was indeed an example of the hospital’s commitment to fostering a sense of egalitarianism and inclusivity – values inherent to the essence of Republic Day.

This celebration is one of the many ways Naruvi Hospitals continues to enhance a sense of community and national responsibility, an embodiment of the love and dedication to their nation.

Celebrations of national importance, like Republic Day, serve to bring the people and employees closer, fostering a sense of unity in diversity, creating a stronger, more connected community.


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