Urgent Search Underway for Missing 12-Year-Old Madison Solon in Pittsburg

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12-Year-Old Girl Disappears in Pittsburg, Police Issue Search Alert

Information flowing in from our sources confirms that the Pittsburg Police Department has launched an intense search for Madison Solon, a 12-year-old girl, who vanished into thin air on Saturday morning, and hasn’t been found till now. Madison was reportedly last seen in the vicinity of El Dorado Drive, Pittsburg.

Description of Madison Solon

Madison is described as a petite girl, standing at roughly 5 feet in height, and weighing approximately 105 pounds. On the day of her disappearance, she was seen attired in all-grey clothing, which could provide a valuable clue in the collective efforts to trace her.

Police’s Appeal to the Public

The Pittsburg law enforcement is pleading with anyone that might possess any information, however insignificant it may seem, about Madison’s whereabouts. They strongly encourage the public to reach out to the Pittsburg Police Department with this information via the following contact number: (925) 646-2441. Every moment counts in this urgent matter, and public involvement could play a crucial role in ensuring Madison’s safe return.

Vallejo Police Operation Leads to Nine Arrests

In separate news from our sources, an aggressive police operation in Vallejo led to the arrest and detention of nine individuals. This operation was part of a larger police initiative aimed at curbing theft in the city.

Blitz Operation Targets Thieves

The Vallejo police department executed what has been dubbed as a ‘blitz operation’ cracking down on alleged thieves. Nine suspects were rounded up in the sting operation, signifying the department’s commitment to maintaining law, order, and safety in Vallejo.

The Scope of the Operation

Further details about the operation, such as the nature of the alleged thefts, the identities of the apprehended suspects, and the circumstances leading to their arrests, remain under wraps as of now. More information will be communicated as it becomes available from our reliable sources.


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