Tragic Betrayal: Filipino Woman Confesses to Murdering Sister, Japanese Niece Over Financial Dispute

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Double Murder in Quezon province:
A Heartbreaking Discovery

Filipino Woman Admits to Family Slaying

Our source confirmed that Ligaya Pajulas, a woman from Quezon province in the Philippines, has confessed to a shocking crime. She has admitted to the gruesome murders of her sister and Japanese niece. This confession followed a thwarted suicide attempt when the authorities discovered the lifeless bodies of the victims. The footage containing her confession was exclusively obtained by law enforcement agencies.

Victims Reported Missing After Failed Trip Departure

Lorry Litada, Pajulas’s sister, and her Japanese daughter Mai Motegi, traveled to the Philippines last month. The purpose of their visit was to fulfill a substantial property transaction involving P5 million in cash. However, red flags were raised when they did not board their scheduled flights. Their relatives declared them missing on March 9.

Shallow Grave Discovery Reveals a Dark Secret

A week after the duo’s mysterious disappearance, a shocking discovery was made on March 14. Near Pajulas’ residence, police uncovered a shallow grave containing the remains of Litada and Motegi. This discovery led Pajulas to confess to her terrible crime and unravelled the motive behind her actions – a dispute over money.

Investigation Reveals a Premeditated Crime

After intensive investigation, the police disclosed that this heinous crime had not been an impulsive action. Pajulas had evidently been plotting this murder since December. Authorities have now taken her into custody as they continue to gather evidence and unmask the full extent of this horrifying event.

Clues Left Behind Painted a Chilling Picture

Further probing into the case led to the discovery of a blood-stained suitcase, which we understood belonged to the victims. Our source informed us that this suitcase was shown on security camera footage. In the clips, Ligaya Pajulas was seen along with some accomplices, handling the incriminating suitcase. As the police continue with the investigation, the extent of the accomplices’ involvement still remains a mystery.

Murder Investigation Continues Amidst Shock and Grief

This shocking case of family slaying has left a community reeling as they grapple with the horrifying reality of what transpired. Amidst public shock and mourning, the detectives. continue to piece together the chilling details of this deadly monetary dispute while working tirelessly to bring all those involved to justice.


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