UP D-50 Gang Leader Udham Singh Karnwal Convicted in Arms Act Case, 3-Year Sentence Imposed

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Gang leader convicted in Uttar Pradesh under Arms Act

Our onsite sources have confirmed the punishment of Udham Singh Karnwal, the notorious underworld figure, and head of the infamous UP D-50 gang. According to these trusted sources, Karnwal has been found guilty in a case that’s more than a decade old, a case registered under the Arms Act at the Saroorpur police station in Meerut, located in the northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh.

Karnwal Receives Three-Year Jail Term and Monetary Penalty

The courts have handed down a three-year jail term to Karnwal and have also imposed a penalty of Rs 1,000. This decision came after an extensive and meticulous investigation by the hard-working law enforcement authorities.

Associates of Gang Leader Also Facing The Music

But that’s not all. Through thorough scrutinization of the gang activities and the networks involved, our sources indicated that the authorities have managed to pinpoint 19 individuals who were known to have close links with the gang leader. Provisions under the Gangster Act have been invoked against them as part of this comprehensive crackdown on underworld activities in the region.

Raids Reveal Property Worth Millions

Moreover, during their systematic and sweeping operations, the police have been successful in seizing properties related with the gang. Estimated to be worth a substantial Rs 99 lakhs, these assets allegedly bolstered the gang’s illicit activities.

Previous Restrictions Under the National Security Act

This recent conviction isn’t the first time that Karnwal has had a run-in with the law. Previously, the stringent National Security Act (NSA) was slapped on him, highlighting his dangerous and disruptive activities.

UP Police’s Larger Efforts to Curb Mafia Activities

This case is not an isolated mission but a vital cog in the Uttar Pradesh police’s broader objective to combat and uproot organised crime in the state. As part of their ongoing operations, our sources informed that they have identified 68 mafia groups assumed to be operating in the vicinity. This step represents a continued resolve towards ensuring peace and safety in the state.

Local law enforcement authorities Remain Determined

Despite the challenges, the local authorities are determined to continue their rigorous efforts to dismantle the crime syndicates in the area. This recent conviction sends a strong message to all such criminal elements that law enforcement is closing in, and their illicit activities will not go unchecked.


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