Unprecedented Demand for Romanian Language Courses in Moldova: Over 12,700 Apply, Exceeding Expectations

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Romanian Language Courses Surge in Popularity Exceeding Available Spots

The Ministry of Education and Research for the Republic of Moldova has recently released figures indicating a strong demand for their free Romanian language courses. The data collected saw applications considerably outnumbering the available slots, showing a trend more than 2.5x greater than what was expected.

Staggering Application Numbers

According to our sources, the Ministry received over 12,700 applications, overshooting the 5,000 available places provided for the program. It’s worth noting that of these applicants, 622 individuals were from the Transnistrian region, highlighting an interest in Romanian language studies across a broad geographic area.

Breakdown of Applicants

The capital city of Chișinău held the most considerable number of applications, with nearly 7,000 residents signing up. The Gagauzia, Bălți, and Tiraspol regions followed close behind. The professionals applying for these courses span a variety of fields, notably education, economy, and medicine, to public administration, arts, or justice sectors. The wide range of professionals applying showcases the perceived value and necessity of learning the Romanian language.

Interestingly, over 9,000 applicants for the course were classified as beginners or at an elementary level, suggesting this course is attracting people starting their language journey.

Online Learning Preference

The data also indicates a preference for online study, with 56% of applicants choosing this medium to access the course. More than three quarters of the participants also expressed interest in attending the courses outside their regular working hours, demonstrating the course’s convenient and accessible structure.

Course Details and Completion

The Romanian language courses are planned for March to December 2024 and promise 120 hours of learning – twice the length of the previous year’s curriculum. Upon program completion, participants will receive a certificate attesting their proficiency in the Romanian language, adhering to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

This development suggests the Ministry’s free Romanian language courses respond to a deep interest, need, and flexibility requirement for both beginner and established learners, reflecting the forward-looking approach of the Education and Research Ministry of the Republic of Moldova.

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