Deadline Approaches for North Allegheny Foundation Scholarships: $1,000 Opportunities Await

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North Allegheny Foundation’s Multiple Scholarship Programs Launched for Students

The North Allegheny Foundation unveils the release of a variety of scholarships for students, with the final date for application submissions pinpointed at 11:59 p.m. on March 29, according to our sources. These scholarship programs are available via the foundation’s official webpage and include five separate awards of $1,000 each, personally funded by the foundation.

Details of the Scholarships

These opportunities span Excellence in Academics, Arts, Leadership, Service, and Extra Effort categories. Moreover, supplementary scholarship programs are sponsored by outside benefactors, which involve awards in tribute to deceased faculty, students, and prestigious alumni.

Importantly, the foundation has introduced a fresh $500 grant this year in honor of Marilyn Moellenbrock Sproule. This initiative specifically aims to assist a female scholar in her ambitions to undertake studies in the business/finance or healthcare sectors.

Foundation’s Contribution to Education

The North Allegheny Foundation, ever since it was formed in 1989, has invested over $750,000 via grants and multiple scholarships to boost the academic goals of the students of North Allegheny. The foundation’s dedication positions it as a crucial role player in fostering educational excellence.

Scholarship Winners and Recognition Ceremony

The scholars who succeed in winning the scholarships will be announced in the early part of May. The foundation aims to acknowledge their achievement with an exclusive recognition event on May 22 at the North Allegheny School Board gathering.

Upcoming Fund-Raising Event

Beyond these scholarships, the foundation has strategically planned a fund-raising event. Dubbed “The Taste of NA dinner”, this initiative is set to be hosted at Soergel’s in late May. Financial proceeds from this event will be directed towards strengthening the foundation’s support for academic excellence and igniting students’ passion for learning.


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