Unnao event: Delhi HC declines to halt Sengar’s brother’s 10-year prison term

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Delhi High Court Declines to Suspend Sentence of Jaideep Singh Sengar

According to internal reports at Reader Wall, the Delhi high court has vehemently turned down a request to defer the sentence of Jaideep Singh Sengar. Sengar, the brother of debarred BJP spearhead Kuldeep Singh Sengar, was found guilty last year in a case associated with the demise of the Unnao rape victim’s father.

Court Ruling Based on AIIMS Report

The decision was made after carefully considering a report presented by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on January 24. The court, presided over by Justice Swarna Kanta Sharma, remarked that Sengar’s medical situation is not so serious as to warrant serving his sentence outside of prison confines.

Convict Not Comparable to Co-Accused

Stresses were made by the court that Sengar cannot equate himself to co-accused persons in this case who had been granted bail. The reason being that his time spent in custody, which amounts to a mere three years, is significantly less than the entire 10-year sentence handed down to him.

The Unnao Rape Case

  • The case dates back to 2019 when the victim, a minor, and her family accused BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar of rape. The victim’s father was arrested and died while in custody, which led to further outcry and drew attention to the case. Meanwhile, the victim’s uncle was given a 10-year jail term in a 19-year-old case.
  • Jaideep Singh Sengar was sentenced in March 2020, alongside his brother, in the case revolving around the death of the Unnao rape victim’s father. The court convicted them for murder, conspiracy, and other offenses. They were both awarded a 10-year prison term.
  • Since then, Jaideep Singh Sengar, citing health concerns, had approached the Delhi High Court seeking suspension of his sentence. However, the court, after reviewing his medical condition, ruled that he can continue to serve his sentence in jail.

The information above is a careful reconstruct of the latest development regarding the situation around the Unnao rape case, as reported by Reader Wall’s sources.

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