Unlocking the Vatican’s Vaults: Archbishop Pagano Sheds Light on Centuries of Secrets

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Vatican Pushes Transparency: The Unveiling of Secret Archives

In a bold move towards transparency, the Vatican has been striving to debunk the widely held perception of mystery that surrounds its historical archives. This recent progression includes unsealing the classified documents of Pope Pius XII, who reigned during the Second World War, and rebranding its name from the “Vatican Secret Archives” to the “Vatican Apostolic Archive”.

Archbishop Sergio Pagano Sheds Light onto Vatican’s Archival History

Archbishop Sergio Pagano, who is soon to step down after serving in the archive for nearly five decades, provides a unique insight into the lesser-known episodes from the past 12 centuries in his book, ‘Secretum’.

The Extensive and Diverse Collection of the Vatican Apostolic Archive

The Vatican Apostolic Archive, boasting 53 miles of shelving, is a treasure trove of documents dating as far back as the 8th century. The enormous collection includes not only records from varied Vatican embassies, but also specific compilations, offering a glimpse into the extensive and intricate history of the Church.

Reviewing Pope Pius XII’s Documents – A Focus of Scholars

Documents related to Pope Pius XII have piqued the interest of scholars. These documents were prematurely unveiled by Pope Francis in 2020 with the intention of providing a more comprehensive understanding of his pontificate during the Holocaust.

A Critical Outlook on Pope Pius XII and Vatican’s Finances

Pagano has given a critical view of Pius’s continued silence following the war and discussed the financial challenges of the Vatican in-depth, providing an insight into the Church’s economic struggles.

One particularly notable incident, as mentioned in the book, occured in 1922 when the Vatican was financially backed by the U.S. churches to organize the conclave. Pagano’s book delves furthermore into the historic financial relationship between the Vatican and the U.S. church which presents an intriguing dimension to the overall narrative of the Church.

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