Milan Fashion Week’s Glamorous Pivot: Armani and Bottega Veneta Lead the Charge

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Returning Glamour Shakes Up Milan Fashion Shows

Our sources report the fashion sphere bearing witness to an intriguing evolution at the recent Milan fashion shows. The resurgence of high-profile glamour and charisma, previously underscored by ‘quiet luxury,’ signals a new direction for the fashion world.

Celebrities Take Notice

Among those attending was Cate Blanchett, whose keen observation from the Armani show’s front row told the tale. The collection on display gleamed with elements of nighttime glamour, notably voluminous black tulle and glistening sequins. However, the essence of practicality resonated alongside the glitz and glitter.

Giorgio Armani’s Blend of Elegance and Ease

Also noteworthy is the performance of Giorgio Armani, the 89-year-old maestro who seamlessly blended elements of elegance and comfort. Shoes designed for both style and walkability, embroidered details that borrowed hints from Japanese simplicity, and velvet jackets were standout features that raised the bar for wearable high fashion.

Bottega Veneta’s Luxury Evolution

In line with the changing trends, Bottega Veneta, under the leadership of Matthieu Blazy, also underwent a significant shift. The brand departed from its ‘stealth wealth’ approach, instead focusing on luxurious materials that exuded richness. Prominently, leather was ingeniously engineered to mimic cloth, and accessories were dramatically created to express the brand’s craftsmanship in a new light.

The Glamour Trend Takes Over Milan

These shifts were not isolated incidents but reflected a larger trend sweeping across Milan. Outfits fashioned from exaggerated fur, velvety materials, and leather were the front-runners, dethroning the understated luxury previously in vogue.

Embracing Glamour and Sophistication

The result was clear: an end to the era of understated luxury and the dawn of overt glamour and sophistication. This exciting evolution witness in Milan is a testament to the fashion world’s versatility and its constant pursuit of innovation and change.


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