Tunisian Parliament Moves to Update Identity, Travel Laws; Plenary Session Scheduled for March 6

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Updates from The Bureau of the Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP)

On the last day of February, Tunis’ Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP) held a pivotal meeting led by none other than Speaker of Parliament, Brahim Bouderbala, according to verified information from our source. Significant strides were made in terms of streamlining the legislative process in this session.

Organic Laws Referenced for Plenary Discussion

Two organic laws were put forth for discussion in the forthcoming plenary session, scheduled on March 6. Notably, these laws include valuable amendments to two major pieces of legislation; the national identity card law (Law No. 27/1993), as well as the law on passports and travel documents (Act No. 40, dated May 14, 1975).

Questions Destined for the Interior Minister

Looking ahead to the session, the Bureau has prepared two primary oral questions for the Minister of the Interior. This provision of questions in advance is aimed at facilitating a more focused and efficient dialogue.

Draft Laws Sent to Standing Committees

Simultaneously, a selection of draft laws were sent to various dedicated committees for additional scrutiny. Our source relayed that they cover an array of issues including proposed alterations to the law on summer holidays, children’s leisure centres, agreement on the automatic exchange of information about financial accounts, the practice of the notary profession, regulations governing food supplements, and the specialized medicinal requirements of the nation.

The Media Independence Fund – Back for Revisions

A controversial bill pertaining to the establishment of a Support Fund for Media Independence and the Promotion of Quality of Media Content was sent back to its originator for revisions. This decision highlights the overall quest for a balanced perspective in media operations.

Extensive Review of Written Questions

In addition to the session’s packed agenda, the bureau also reviewed a significant number of written inquiries addressed to government members. Specifically, a total of 64 questions were examined, thereby underscoring a robust legislative review and decision-making schedule.

In conclusion, the ARP’s meeting represents significant progress in Tunisia’s legislative evolution. The upcoming plenary session and further discussions promise to bring more legislative changes and developments to Tunisia.

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