Kargil Demands Statehood for Ladakh: Shutdown Protests Amplify Calls for Autonomy

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Statehood and Sixth Schedule Inclusion for Ladakh: An Ongoing Protest

The Kargil district in Ladakh observed a complete shutdown on Wednesday, expressing their demand for statehood. The citizens also called for the inclusion of Ladakh in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. This protest occurred in the wake of unsuccessful discussions between representatives of Ladakh’s socio-political organizations and our Home Affairs Agency on March 4 related to these matters.

Historical Context and the High-Powered Committee

The quest for statehood and constitutional protection has been a pivotal issue ever since Article 370 was removed. This incident led to the division of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories in 2019. Nevertheless, Ladakh still remains without its legislative assembly. In reaction to these growing concerns, a High-Powered Committee (HPC) led by Home deputy Nityanand Rai was established. Regrettably, the HPC has still not arrived at a definitive agreement regarding these matters.

Solidarity for Climate Activist Sonam Wangchuk

The protest, in a parallel vein, also expressed its support for Sonam Wangchuk, a noted environmental activist. Wangchuk has been on a hunger strike since March 6 in response to unsuccessful talks with the Central authorities. His ongoing abstention from food is seen as a manifestation of the urgency of the local concerns and the broader environmental cause.

Separate Reference to a Movie about Indian Independence

On a separate note, the review of a film focussed on the heroine Usha Mehta (played by Sara Ali Khan) begged mention. The film, chronicling her contribution to India’s independence struggle in 1942, disappointingly failed to make a significant impact, despite the standout performance by actor Sparsh Srivastav.

Deliberations are Ongoing

As the statehood demand continues, it is clear that deliberations and discussions from all involved parties are crucial to achieve a successful resolution. It remains to be seen how representatives will tackle the deadlock and what steps will be taken to address this critical issue. As revealed by our reliable source, the developments are being observed closely, and further updates will be provided as soon as available.


  • Protest observed in the Kargil district in Ladakh for statehood and Sixth Schedule inclusion.
  • Debate and discussions between Ladakh’s socio-political organizations and our Home Affairs Agency on March 4 could not yield an agreement.
  • The High-Powered Committee has not reached a final decision yet.
  • Citizens show support for Sonam Wangchuk on hunger strike since March 6.
  • Film about Usha Mehta’s contribution to Indian independence failed to make an impact despite standout performance by Sparsh Srivastav.
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