Tucker Carlson Warns: Migrant Military Enlistment Could Herald US Collapse, Echoes Rome’s Fall

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Migrant Crisis: A Threat to National Stability?

Is the U.S. Following the Fall of Rome?

From our confidential sources, we’ve discovered that American commentator, Tucker Carlson drew an alarming comparison between the collapse of the Roman empire and the present-day American migrant crisis. His concerns center around the increased enlistment of non-citizens in the U.S. military which he believes, could have disastrous implications for the country’s future stability.

Border Influx Statistics

According to data obtained by our news team, since President Joe Biden assumed office, an unprecedented 7.2 million undocumented migrants have entered American soil. These numbers exceed the population of 32 U.S. states combined, indeed a shocking revelation from the former news host.

Courage to Serve Act: A Solution or a Problem?

Carlson was especially critical of the Courage to Serve Act, a legislation proposed by Democratic congressman Pat Ryan. This act is intended to offer a clear path to American citizenship for ‘qualified and vetted migrants’ in active military service. While the Act is seen by many as a noble cause, Carlson argues it might exacerbate an already looming crisis.

Military Recruitment Struggles: A Simplified Analysis

He points out that traditionally, white American men formed the bulk of the U.S. armed forces. But recent developments suggest a decline in their enlistment numbers and instead of addressing this issue, the government appears to favor enlisting migrants, a decision Carlson warns, could lead to catastrophic consequences.

President Donald Trump’s Prediction

Chiming in was the former President Donald Trump, who echoed Carlson’s concerns. He warned of a potential collapse under the current Biden administration due to the massive inflow of undocumented immigrants. He fearfully speculates the numbers might reach a staggering 40 to 50 million, placing an unbearable strain on the country’s healthcare, education, and social security systems.

A Lesson from History?

Overall, the former television host’s critique suggests that the U.S. may be on a slippery slope, relating current events to historical realities to make his point. Only time can tell whether these speculations will come to fruition or whether they serve as a wake-up call to alter the country’s approach to immigration and military recruitment.

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