Toyota Shatters Norm: 2024 Tacoma Graces Super Bowl Commercial

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Toyota Gears Up for Super Bowl Spotlight, Diverging From Industry Counterparts

In a surprising turn of events, Toyota has announced its intent to advertise at the Super Bowl, diverging from the approach of fellow car giants Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. Notably, the company plans to showcase the 2024 Tacoma at this sporting spectacle. This news comes from our source, Reader Wall.

The Center Stage Beckons Toyota

Aligning with the unveiling of the mid-size truck, the 2024 Tacoma, a Toyota spokesperson stated that the enterprise has ‘creative execution that rises to the level of Super Bowl worthy.’ However, further details of the advertisement remain undisclosed. The Super Bowl, drawing a significant viewer base, presents the ideal stage for Toyota to highlight the new Tacoma’s off-road prowess and unmatched capability.

Igniting the Pre-Game Anticipation

The promotional drive is scheduled to kick off a week prior to the game, interweaving the thrill of the Super Bowl with the eagerness around Toyota’s latest vehicle launch. As the official automotive associate of the NFL, Toyota is privileged with the use of NFL trademarks. This collaboration, coupled with the brand’s Halftime Show presence and planned fan-based activities in Las Vegas during the game, constitutes a robust broadcasting strategy.

Hyundai Throws a Curveball

Hyundai, on the other hand, has chosen to debut a fresh commercial during the NFL Conference Championships games, rather than at the Super Bowl. The ad, dubbed as ‘Vikings,’ showcases a contemporary family on an outward journey, emphasizing the redesigned Santa Fe’s potential to enrich daily occurrences and inspire new ventures. The revamped Santa Fe boasts a tougher exterior, enhanced interior space, and advanced features. However, these upgrades accompany a marked price bump, with the starting cost before destination fees being $33,950 which is a $5,200 increase from the previous model.

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