Sharjah Premieres Vintage Vehicle Fest: An Honouring of Car Legacy

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The Inaugural Sharjah Classic Cars Festival: More Than Just Cars

In a recent development from our source, the city of Sharjah celebrated its first Sharjah Classic Cars Festival last Friday. With the theme ‘More Than Just Cars’, the landmark three-day exhibition took place at the esteemed Sharjah Classic Cars Club, generating a buzz amongst classic car enthusiasts, along with the city’s residents and visitors alike.

Not Just a Display, A Cultural Expedition

The festival was not merely an exhibition of vintage masterpieces on wheels, rather it represented the cultural significance and historical value of classic cars. It offered spectators a unique view into the journey of car evolution, from the initial models to present-day versions. Furthermore, it extended an educational platform for classic car owners, providing them with crucial information on maintenance, restoration, and spare parts procurement.

A Convergence of Distinguished Personalities

The festival rolled out the red carpet for multiple notable personalities including Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi and Sheikh Salem bin Muhammad bin Salem Al Qasimi. The noble presence of these personalities not only heightened the event’s prestige but also demonstrated its significance within Sharjah’s vibrant cultural portfolio.

A Multilayered Experience

Going above and beyond the mere showcase of classic cars, the festival offered a wide range of immersive experiences. Visitors were treated to a classic car museum housing vintage vehicles as old as 1915, besides interactive activities tailor-made for younger attendees. Additionally, they were engaged in cultural competitions and enlightening seminars. All these elements combined to create an enriching educational journey through the sophisticated heritage and progression of the automobile world, making the festival a must-experience event for car enthusiasts and the curious public alike.

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