Toyota Reveals Unconventional Century SUV Convertible Tailored for Sumo Champions

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Toyota, the globally recognized automobile giant, has revealed a custom-made Century SUV Convertible, specifically designed to pay homage to Sumo champions. The unveiling occurred at the Grand Sumo Tournament held outside the Ryogoku Kokugikan arena in Tokyo, Japan. All eyes were on this distinctive vehicle, set to feature in future sumo victory parades, embodying a combination of tradition, prestige, and innovation.

The Creation of a Champion’s Ride

The Century SUV Convertible sets itself apart from the standard model with an open-top design, replacing the conventional roof and pillars for a more festive appearance. While maintaining the original’s lower structure, the exterior stands out with its immaculate white finish and luxurious cream interior. Toyota has meticulously considered the needs of its esteemed passengers – the Sumo champions. The vehicle’s interior has been significantly expanded to comfortably accommodate two sumo wrestlers, featuring a reinforced body for added stability and a fortified suspension system capable of handling the additional weight.

Innovation Meets Tradition

The rear cabin of the Century SUV Convertible has been transformed to resemble a folded fabric top, with an elevated floor designed to enhance visibility for the passengers. Under the hood, Toyota is likely to retain the standard 3.5-liter V6 plug-in hybrid powertrain, providing 406 horsepower and offering up to 43 miles of electric-only range. This unique vehicle not only represents innovation but also pays homage to the 100-year legacy of Sumo wrestling, designated to become the official parade vehicle of the Japan Sumo Association in 2025.

A Symbol of Prestige

Akio Toyoda, the Chairman of Toyota, graced the unveiling event, emphasizing the selection of the Century over the Crown, the company’s flagship model, signifying the significant status associated with this exceptional vehicle. The cost of these exclusive modifications remains undisclosed. However, considering the high price tag of the standard Century SUV, approximately $172,291, the investment is undoubtedly substantial. Nevertheless, it demonstrates Toyota’s dedication to honoring tradition and their willingness to create unique versions of their vehicles upon special requests, potentially opening doors for future custom open-air conversions of the Century SUV.