Tomo Scope S Series by Werth Revolutionizes CT Coordinate Measuring Systems, Paving the Way for an Exciting Future

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Werth, a renowned name in the field of precision measurement technology, has made significant advancements in computed tomography (CT) coordinate measuring systems. In order to expand the application range of its CT coordinate measuring systems, the company has optimized the components and software of its Tomo Scope S series.

Accelerated Measurements with High Resolution

The Tomo Scope S series now incorporates 80 W transmission tubes, enabling faster measuring speeds and high resolution. These tubes can perform measurements up to five times faster than conventional reflection tubes, without compromising on structural resolution. This enhancement has not only improved the system’s efficiency but also maintained its precision.

Maintenance-Free Operation

Designed for hassle-free operation, the systems can function without operator intervention for up to a year. The Tomo Scope S series can be calibrated according to standards by the Werth-Dakks laboratory, ensuring reliability and accuracy. This feature adds convenience and reduces the need for regular manual checks.

A Major Breakthrough: Tomo Scope S Plus

The new Tomo Scope S Plus models offer more than double the measuring volume of their predecessors while retaining a compact form factor. These models are equipped with high accuracy and unique specifications for length and distance measurement deviations. They have further strengthened Werth’s position as a leader in precision measurement technology.

Versatility and Innovation

Werth also provides options for different X-ray tubes, voltages, targets, detectors, and tomography techniques to accommodate larger and more challenging workpieces. The company has introduced new operating modes such as laminography and Eccentric Tomography “On The Fly”. These advancements pave the way for more versatile and efficient measurement processes.

Automated Operations and Expedited Measurements

Another notable feature of the new machines is their ability to facilitate faster measurements and support automated operations. They allow for unattended measurements during off-hours with integrated workpiece changers. This feature increases productivity and efficiency, making the Tomo Scope S series a game-changer in the industry.