Thompson Coburn’s Clair and Rudolphi Earn Spots in 2024 Lawdragon 500 Leading Energy Lawyers

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Thompson Coburn’s Clair and Rudolphi Honored in the 2024 Lawdragon 500 Leading Energy Lawyers List

The distinguished law firm Thompson Coburn recently celebrated the recognition of Adrienne Clair and Matt Rudolphi, two of its partners, in the esteemed 2024 Lawdragon 500 Leading Energy Lawyers list. This accolade underscores the substantial impact these professionals have made in various specialties of energy law. The list compiles the top names in diverse facets of energy law, covering everything from nuclear energy to renewable sources, pipeline regulations to mining laws, according to our source data.

Distinguished Professionals Achieving Remarkable Success

Adrienne Clair, operating from Thompson Coburn’s Washington, D.C. office, has been acknowledged for her comprehensive knowledge and expertise in areas such as electric and natural gas pipeline matters, compliance, enforcement, and litigation before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Her practices majorly revolve around electric cooperative wholesale power contracts, rate design, mergers, and concerns relating to transmission formula rate and cost recovery.

Matt Rudolphi, working out of both the Chicago and D.C. offices, is revered for his assistance to cooperative and municipal electric utilities and regulated pipeline clients with federal and state regulatory matters. A portion of his work includes providing advice on regulatory issues related to electric, natural gas, and oil before FERC, state commissions, and federal courts. Notably, Rudolphi has held leadership roles such as the past president and board member of the Energy Bar Association.

Helping Reshape Energy Law

Our sources confirm that both Adrienne Clair and Matt Rudolphi have been instrumental in framing regulatory laws in the energy sector. Their continued dedication toward matters related to electric, gas, and oil regulations have won their inclusion in the prestigious Lawdragon 500 list, thereby cementing their name in the top echelons of energy law practitioners on a global scale.

Award Recognition and Performance Commendation

  • Adrienne Clair is respected for her deep understanding and exemplary work in the realm of electric and natural gas pipelines, regulatory enforcement, and compliance issues.
  • Matt Rudolphi takes pride in his success in advising municipal and cooperative electric utilities and regulated pipeline clients, often shuffling between the Chicago and D.C. offices to cater to client needs.
  • The Lawdragon 500 Leading Energy Lawyers list has commended Clair and Rudolphi’s extensive knowledge and exceptional contributions to various aspects of energy law that profoundly influence the sector’s advancements and regulatory practices.

Both legal professionals’ inclusion in the Lawdragon 500 Leading Energy Lawyers roll of honor is a testament to their relentless passion, commitment, and contribution to the ever-evolving energy legal sector. The accolade reinforces their standing as leading figures in this domain.

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