The Unseen Battle: How Long Covid and Tinnitus Turned Shaney Wright’s Life Upside Down

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Safety Manager’s Struggle with Long Covid and Tinnitus

Recent insights from our source have revealed an intriguing yet distressing story spotlighting the plight of a 33-year-old safety and risk manager, Shaney Wright, who has been grappling with Long Covid and its related symptom, tinnitus, for well over a year – since April 2020. This tale underscores the dire need for enhanced research into Long Covid and its potential long-term impacts.

Tinnitus: A Significant Life Impact

Characterized by the perception of noises, such as ringing or whistling, in the absence of any actual external sound source, tinnitus has been an unwelcome influence in Shaney’s life. This ailment, linked to Long Covid, has considerably depreciated his quality of life. Shaney has described the sounds as being as deafening as an aircraft, thereby debilitating his capability to work effectively or engage in social activities. He is one among almost two million individuals in the UK currently experiencing Long Covid symptoms.

A Connection Between Long Covid and Tinnitus

Emerging reports indicate a concerning connection between Long Covid and tinnitus. This relationship highlights an urgent need for broader and more comprehensive research to unravel the mysteries of Long Covid and its associated conditions, such as tinnitus.

Living with Tinnitus: Treatment Options

Despite no universally effective cure for tinnitus, several coping mechanisms do exist. Some of these treatments include tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and even lifestyle adjustments such as maintaining a healthy diet, practicing regular exercise, and learning relaxation techniques.


The lack of extensive clinical research into the pathology of Long Covid and tinnitus casts a dire shadow over the UK’s healthcare situation. Echoing the cries of approximately two million sufferers, this story underscores the urgency for more comprehensive studies that can pave the path towards a better understanding and more effective treatment strategies for these disruptive conditions.

  • Shaney Wright, a 33-year-old dealing with Long Covid and tinnitus since April 2020.
  • Tinnitus, a related condition, significantly impacts quality of life.
  • Almost two million people in the UK are suffering from Long Covid.
  • There is a pressing need for enhanced clinical research to understand and treat these conditions better.

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