The Neutral Bloc: A Past Survey and Path Towards the 2024 Gathering

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Overview of The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is an international organization set up in 1961. Its primary goal is to stand against colonialism by supporting national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. It functioned as a neutral power in the Cold War, helping many countries maintain independence from the conflicting ideologies of the US-led Western alliance and the Soviet-controlled Eastern alliance.

Dynamics of NAM over Years

Over time, NAM has evolved and become one of the biggest international gatherings of states, particularly those in the developing world. NAM has a significant historical role in battling colonialism, as highlighted by Robinah Nabbanja, a well-known figure in the movement.

2024 NAM Summit in Uganda

Uganda is expected to host the 2024 NAM Summit. This important event is likely to strengthen the relationship among the non-aligned countries while discussing worldwide issues in line with the principles of NAM. Following its recent assumption of the NAM chair from Azerbaijan, Uganda is now set to host the summit.

19th Summit of NAM in Kampala

The ongoing 19th NAM Summit in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, has been a ground for the lobby efforts by Somali and Palestinian delegations. Key topics on the summit’s agenda include a political resolution regarding war, and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia – a true reflection of NAM’s commitment to its original principles.

Continued Importance of NAM

NAM’s ongoing significance is evident in the recent visit of Thailand’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs to the summit. With changing global power dynamics, the Non-Aligned Movement continues as a platform for dialogue and collaboration. It enables nations to strategize their way through these changes without being influenced by any major power blocs.

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