The Insufficient Training of Post Office Investigators Revealed by Horizon IT Inquiry

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The Horizon IT Inquiry has uncovered a shocking oversight in the training of investigators in the Post Office. This revelation has raised concerns among the institution and beyond. These investigators, responsible for investigating theft allegations by sub-postmasters, only received three weeks of training before starting their roles.

The Investigation’s Scope

This disclosure has raised serious doubts about the adequacy of their preparation, considering the sensitive and potentially career-ending nature of these investigations. According to a former policing minister, who spoke anonymously, this situation is ‘bonkers.’ This statement highlights the widely held belief that such a short training period is completely insufficient for investigators to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct fair and thorough investigations.

Horizon IT System: a Controversial Issue

This revelation comes in the midst of a broader examination of the Post Office’s practices and the reliability of the Horizon IT system. This system has been at the center of several contentious cases where sub-postmasters were wrongly accused of financial misconduct, often due to errors in the system.

Revealing Instances of Injustice

The inquiry aims to dig deeper into these issues, shedding light on potential cases of injustice and operational failures within the Post Office that may have contributed to these incidents. The ultimate goal is to prevent such oversights from recurring in the future, protecting the careers and reputations of those working in the Post Office and maintaining public trust in this crucial institution.