The 2024 Hope Ride in Florida: Cycling to Combat Human Trafficking

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On Florida’s sun-drenched east coast, a group of cyclists embarked on a meaningful journey that went beyond the physical challenges they faced. The 2024 Hope Ride, a four-day, 300-mile cycling event, aimed to raise awareness and funds to combat the pervasive issue of human trafficking.

From Jacksonville to Palm Beach Gardens: A Journey of Hope

The event began in Jacksonville and concluded in Palm Beach Gardens at the Christ Fellowship Church, leaving a positive impact on the various cities it passed through, including Daytona Beach and Melbourne.

A Marathon on the Final Day

On the last day, the participants showcased their unwavering commitment by covering the remaining 113 miles from Brevard County to the endpoint in Palm Beach Gardens. This demonstrated the resilience of the human spirit and the collective determination to end human trafficking.

Joining Hands for the Cause

WPTV anchor Michael Williams joined the cause, cycling approximately 55 miles alongside other participants. His involvement highlighted the widespread community support for the event and the cause it represented. The Hope Ride aimed to raise $40,000, with all proceeds going to A21, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending human trafficking.

Community’s Stand Against Human Trafficking

The event was more than just a cycling ride; it served as a powerful statement of the community’s commitment to combat this global issue. The Hope Ride acted as a beacon of collective effort, illuminating the path towards a future free of human trafficking and supporting organizations like A21 in their tireless fight against this abhorrent crime.