Tesla Cybertrucks Dispatched Without Tire Shields Amid Wheel Harm Fears

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Vital Shift In Tesla Cybertruck’s Aesthetic Brings Unexpected Surprises

In a surprising twist, Tesla’s much-vaunted Cybertrucks have been hitting the road with a significant element missing – their iconic aerodynamic wheel covers. The reason behind this conspicuous change rests within a design flaw, which has been prompting undue tire wear. Because of this, the lauded electric vehicle powerhouse, made the decision to dispatch this production run of Cybertrucks without the wheel covers. This is linked to the wheel cover’s angular design, engineered to boost the truck’s aerodynamics by between 5-10%. Unfortuntely, these very angles, originally designed to fit into the indentations on the tires, have been causing excessive damage as they come into contact with the road surface.

Identifying the Flaw and Its Impact

This hitch came to light via the vigilant electric vehicle network and the Cybertruck Owners Club, who noted that recent arrivals of the vehicle did not include these unique wheel covers. A more detailed look into the problem exposed how these wheel covers were extending into the tire sidewall, prompting tire damage after only a couple of thousand miles on the road. This was corroborated by photos circulating from Tesla’s delivery centers and drone footage from Giga Texas, all of which showed Cybertrucks being dispatched, noticeably lacking these prominently promoted aero wheel covers.

Addressing the Issue: Tesla Steps Up

Tesla has proactively responded to this predicament, confirming the design flaw and classifying it as ‘parts containment pending revision.’ Although not officially dubbing it as a ‘recall,’ Tesla has confirmed it is currently in the process of redesigning these wheel covers. As an interim measure, owners are being advised to remove the malfunctioning wheel covers to prevent any further tire damage.

Interim Solutions and Forward-Looking Plans

Not one to stand idle, Tesla has, in the interim, suggested two potential remedies until the new wheel covers are available, which is expected around March. Owners can opt to remove the wheel covers entirely, or alternatively overinflate their tires to lessen sidewall deformation. The latter option minimises contact with the covers and can lessen the wear and tear on them. Despite the roadblocks encountered with the launch of the Cybertruck, the company remains unwavering in its resolve to rectify the issues and deliver an unrivalled driving experience for its clientele.

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