Teen Strongman Billy Duerden Powers Through National Competition, Now Leads Fitness Evolution Classes

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Young Strongman Impresses at Kaos Teen Competition and Continues to Inspire at Burnley College

Billy Duerden: A Competitive Strongman and An Inspiring Trainer

Emerging victoriously in fifth position, Billy Duerden, the youngest prodigy in the Under 19s Boys category at the Kaos Teen Strongman competition, has established his strength and prowess at the event recently conducted in Preston.

Following his participation in the hotly contested competition, Duerden has now set himself on a unique tryst, setting foot into the captivating world of fitness training at Fitness Evolution. The institution, which can be found within the Burnley College campus grounds, is a renowned gym specializing in strength and conditioning.

Meticulous Preparations Despite Time Constraints

Billy was only informed about his participation in the tournament a mere two weeks before it was scheduled to take place. Nevertheless, he plunged into an intensive training regime, working out for up to four hours a day while maintaining a diet of 3,000 to 4,000 calories in order to fulfill the daunting strength requirements demanded of a strongman contender.

A Strongman with A Difference

Duerden, who is concurrently pursuing an Advanced Vocational Diploma in Sport, Fitness, and Personal Training at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre, highlights the often-overlooked divergence between powerlifting and bodybuilding. His focal point lies primarily on cultivating strength and power, rather than merely chasing after the outward appearance of a muscular build.

An Inspiration to Future Generations

Drawing inspiration from celebrated strongmen such as Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, and Larry Wields, Billy’s commitment extends beyond mere competition. He harbors a deeply ingrained passion for the craft, dedicating his time and resources to impart this knowledge and passion to others eager to tread this path.

Even as another competition looms on the horizon, with the grand finale taking place in September, Duerden’s desire to continue his career in physical training and to compete as a strongman remains unwavered.

Burnley College Supports Aspiring Champions

Our source gives us a peek into the supportive cultures at Burnley College, which is widely acclaimed for its higher-than-average student success rate. It particularly commends the College’s support for Billy’s aspirations, facilitated through an extensive range of sport and fitness courses reaching from GCSE to degree-level study, and even professional qualifications.

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