Stephen Joyner, Sr. Marks Historic 600th Win, Cementing Legacy at Johnson C. Smith University

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Stephen Joyner, Sr. Records 600th Career Win in Historic JCSU Basketball Game

The Golden Victory Over Claflin University

Stephen Joyner, Sr., the esteemed Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU), made a historic achievement with his 600th career victory. The noteworthy feat occurred when the JCSU team prevailed over Claflin University with an 80-74 scoreline. This landmark victory has catapulted Joyner to the zenith of JCSU basketball history, emerging as the coach with the most wins.

Joyner’s Illustrious 34-year Career

Dedicating over three decades at JCSU, Joyner has demonstrated sterling leadership that has consistently reflected in the team’s performance. His legendary tenure has seen the Golden Bulls secure numerous CIAA Western Division Titles, marked in the years 1992, 2001, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2020. Under his guidance, the team also clinched several CIAA Tournament Championships, notably in 2001, 2008, and 2009.

A beacon of excellence in the field of coaching, Joyner has thrice been awarded the honor of CIAA Coach of the Year in 1992, 1997, and 2001. Further amplifying his professional prowess, he received the distinction of NCAA Division II South Atlantic Region Coach of the Year in 2001.

Highlights of the Match Against Claflin

In the latest game against Claflin University, Avery Huggins had a pivotal role in the win, demonstrating brilliant play. Huggins made an impressive score of 24 points with seven rebounds, propelling JCSU’s victory. This golden win marked their second consecutive triumph, bidding adieu to the regular season on a high note.

Upcoming Matches

With the winds of victory favoring their sails, JCSU is now gearing up for the CIAA Tournament in Baltimore. They will be joining the tournament as the no. 6 seed from the CIAA South, preparing to lock horns with Virginia State in the upcoming match.

Claflin’s Performance

  • Despite their best efforts and a commendable 50 percent field goal percentage, Claflin University fell short in the match against JCSU. In the face of defeat, the team’s performance was notable with John Whitehead III securing a team-high score of 18 points.
  • Despite the recent defeat, Claflin will be proceeding to the CIAA Tournament as the no. 2 seed from the CIAA South, reflecting their overall strong performance throughout the season.
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