State Agency Employee Accused of Laundering Over EUR 870,000, Faces Court Judgment

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State Agency Employee Involved in Money Laundering Scandal

An employee hailing from one of the State Agencies is under investigation amidst accusations of having laundered over EUR 740,000 within a span of four years. In connection to this case, an independent private citizen has been identified to have laundered an additional EUR 130,000. These revelations come from a source within our network and are a part of an ongoing pre-trial investigation conducted by internal affairs.

Unearthed Criminal Offenses

The same employee has also been linked to a handful of other criminal activities, all of which revolved around securing illegal financial gains. While the local court of first instance has proclaimed the employee guilty of the charges, the case is yet to enter its final phase, thereby allowing the possibility of appeals.

Case Progression and Current Status

Following the unearthing of these malpractices, the employee’s contract was promptly dismissed by the Provision State Agency. The entire case file was transferred to the Riga Court District Prosecutor’s Office at the end of February, according to sources close to the proceedings.

Presumption of Innocence

Our internal affairs division, the IDB, continues to emphasize the principle of “presumed innocent until proven guilty”. As per this rule, despite the mounting evidence and ongoing investigation against the employee, his conviction remains a subject of legal procedures.

Agency Response

The Provision State Agency, after terminating the offending employee’s contract, has been cooperating fully with the investigation, providing all the necessary details and documents required for the proceedings. As the case unfolds, we will continue to obtain updates from our trusted sources and will commit to reporting any significant developments.

Continued Enforcement

The incident serves as a reminder of the continued enforcement of law and order within the workplace. The agency has since taken necessary measures to prevent such instances in the future and to uphold its standards of integrity and accountability.

  • The accused employee’s contract with the State Agency has been terminated.
  • An independent individual linked to the case has laundered over EUR 130,000.
  • The case remains open to appeals as it has not yet entered its final phase.
  • Following the accusations, the Provision State Agency has been working in full deployment to support the investigation.
  • Thorough checks and balances have been put in place to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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