DAIF Latvia Honors Safety and Security Innovators in Prestigious 2023 Awards Ceremony

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DAIF Latvia 2023 Annual Awards Celebrates Major Contributors to Security and Defence Industries

About the Awards

On the 6th of March, an important event held by DAIF Latvia highlighted noteworthy organizations that have made massive strides forward and significant contributions to global and national safety and security in 2023. The esteemed awards for these organizations were unveiled before the awards ceremony and are a testament to the exceptional developments made by companies, educational institutions, and research facilities in diverse nominations.

Nominations and Criteria

The nominations are evaluated based upon multiple parameters, most notably their influence on defense and internal affairs sector development, their conformance with defense and public safety priorities, relevance, use, uniqueness, and inventive problem-solving approaches. Other factors taken into consideration may include international cooperation, educating the public about civil defense, or the actual application of space technology.

About DAIF Latvia

Established in the radiant season of spring in 2013, DAIF Latvia is a fusion network that carries a blend of different economics sectors, top-tier educational institutions, and groundbreaking research facilities. As the strategic partner of the Ministries of Defense, Interior, and Foreign Affairs, it liaises with governing bodies, international platforms, and business sectors. Its sphere of influence and collaboration extends both domestically within Latvia and on an international scale.

The Impact of DAIF Latvia and the Awards

  • Recognize and celebrate achievements in Safety and Security fields.
  • Encourage companies, educational institutions, and research centers to strive for development.
  • Provide a platform for communication and collaboration between different sectors.
  • Promote public awareness and education about defense and civil protection.
  • Drive further progression in the application of space technologies in national defense.
  • Help to shape and direct the future of security and defense both in Latvia and on the global stage.
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