Split Aftermath Promotes Legal Verdict for Damian Williams

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Man Fined for Threatening Ex-Partner with Intimate Photos

Damian Williams, a man from Dart Walk in Winsford, has been reprimanded by the law for threatening to publish explicit pictures of his ex-girlfriend. This act concludes a gloomy period following their split.

The Story

The two had been a pair for three years and have two kids together. They decided to part ways in August 2022. After the separation, Williams didn’t end contact and continued messaging his ex. Things took a turn for the worse on June 25, 2023, when he sent texts, threatening to display private pictures of her to friends and family. This incident left her feeling deeply embarrassed and upset.

The Legal Action

In the courtroom, Howard Jones, the legal representative of Williams, suggested his client acted due to emotional hardship after learning about his ex’s new boyfriend. Jones also pointed out Williams’ regret for his actions, the lack of previous criminal records, and how quickly he pleaded guilty, hoping this might lead to a lighter sentence. Jones also stated that Williams didn’t end up sharing any pictures.

Judge John McGarva factored in these details and especially the fact that no actual lewd pictures were sent out. As a result, Williams was given a community order and he has to undergo treatment for alcohol dependency. He also has to attend a course on relationship-building, participate in rehabilitation activities and obey a restraining order for two years. The restraining order prevents Williams from contacting his former girlfriend or being on a specific street. On top of these, he must pay a victim fee and cover the court expenses.

The Restraining Order’s Details

The restraining order, while broad, allows for some contact between Williams and his ex, but only about childcare. This rule safeguard the kids’ well-being while also shielding the woman from any further emotional harm.

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