Sound Artists Howard and Hempton Explore Natural Sounds at Canaveral Seashore Residency

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Canaveral National Seashore’s Unique Artist Residency Program

Enriching the paradigm of environmental conservation through art, the Canaveral National Seashore presents an exclusive artist residency scheme. Notably recognized for its unique conception, this program is singularly developed with sound artists in mind. A pioneer initiative in the United States, it has been fostering a creative dialogue between the artists and the environment since 2019.

Experience and Opportunities Offered

The residency extends an opportunity each year for an artist or a couple to reside in the Doris Leeper House located within the park. For an uninterrupted duration of five weeks, the residence turns into their creative hub. The primary focus remains on conserving and cherishing the myriad natural sounds enveloping them.

The 2023 Residency

The year 2023 welcomes Perri Lynch Howard, an artist bring with her a rich tapestry of a multidisciplinary approach from Washington, and Gordon Hempton, a well-recognized figure in acoustic ecology and co-founding member of Quiet Parks International. The team will document the aural tapestry of the area, capturing everything from birds’ and insects’ musical symphony at dawn and dusk, the exhilarating sound of a rocket launch to the intrusive noise of human presence.

Purpose and Engagement

The intent of this project extends beyond interaction with nature. It is also designed to connect with park visitors, prompting them to introspect about their own perception of their surroundings. Furthermore, the program is deeply rooted in the legacy of its namesake, Doris Leeper. Known for her brilliant artistry and environmental activism, Leeper played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Canaveral National Seashore and the Atlantic Center for the Arts.

Conservation Through Sound Exploration

The exploration of Hempton and Howard brings into the limelight the area’s acoustic environment. Their work aims to contribute to the ongoing conservation efforts while also enriching the ecological understanding of park officials and ecologists.

Public Events and Interaction

The artists’ unique journey is not restricted to themselves. The Atlantic Center for the Arts plans and hosts a number of public events. This creates an open platform for visitors to interact with the artists and gain insights into their work. As a bonus, all these events are conducted without any admission fee.


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