Soldotna Launches ‘I Voted’ Sticker Contest to Boost Election Engagement, Celebrate Local Art

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New ‘I Voted’ Sticker Design Contest Approved in Soldotna

The City of Soldotna is unveiling a fresh plan to engage the community by announcing a novel ‘I Voted’ sticker design contest. This initiative, aimed at October 2024’s municipal elections, hopes to stimulate more local community involvement and boost voter turnout.

Concept Birthed by Council Member

The brainchild of the city council representative, Jordan Chilson, the project is designed to invite local artists and community members to put forth their artistic designs for the ‘I Voted’ stickers. The designs approved after the competition will replace the current generic designs and those provided by the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Aligning with the City’s Master Plan

By encouraging local community participation in the arts, this initiative aligns perfectly with Soldotna’s Arts and Culture Master Plan. The city’s administration believes initiatives like these can foster a deeper connection between the city’s administration and its people.

Addressing Low Voter Turnout

In past elections, Soldotna has struggled with low voter turnout. In the October 2023 elections, for instance, only 8.19% of registered voters participated. The city hopes innovative methods like hosting a sticker design contest will encourage more citizens to take part.

Online Platform for Submissions

Soldotna plans to utilize an online platform for the sticker design submissions. This platform is based on the model used by the Alaska State Council on the Arts for their Artistic License Plate Competition. The city is at present putting finishing touches on the contest’s terms and conditions.

Nurturing Local Talent

With this initiative, Soldotna also hopes to shine a spotlight on local talent. Collaboration with schools and various community organizations is projected to enable many to showcase their artistic potential to a larger audience.


Despite being a small step, the sticker design competition aligns perfectly with the city’s broader aim to enrich local art culture and foster community participation. Whether or not it succeeds in steering city residents toward polling stations, remains to be seen.


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