Sol Ruca’s Triumphant NXT Comeback at Roadblock, Targets Blair Davenport in Revenge Plot

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Sol Ruca Resurfaces at NXT Roadblock Event

From our trusted sources, it is learned that Sol Ruca made an impressive and unexpected reappearance on WWE TV during the latest NXT Roadblock event. This marks her first appearance since taking a leave of absence in April of the previous year due to a knee injury.

Retribution against Blair Davenport

Her comeback was marked by an act of revenge against Blair Davenport. Falling into the old grudge, Ruca launched an on-screen assault on Davenport during her bout against Fallon Henley. This intervention led to Davenport’s surprising defeat, a clear payback from Ruca for Davenport’s earlier attack that instigated her departure from the wrestling stage.

William Regal and NQCC Showdown

The NXT Roadblock was also highlighted by an intriguing encounter between WWE stalwart William Regal and the No Quarter Catch Club (NQCC) over their announcement on the NXT Heritage Cup’s defense approach. NQCC declared that any of their members could step forward to safeguard the title.

Regal, not impressed by the proclamation, responded by expressing his desire to witness a competitive and rightful title defense. This led to a heated face-off with his son, Charlie Dempsey, a prominent member of NQCC.

  • Dempsey stood his ground, postulating that he would carry out the title defense more effectively than his father ever did.
  • Regal, in a stern reply, stated that he will be monitoring the situation closely.

The NXT Roadblock event has certainly given rise to new rivalry lines and provided a platform for players like Sol Ruca to re-stage their prowess. With the spotlight now directed towards the impending title defense, wrestling enthusiasts can anticipate some riveting action in the coming days.


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