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Republic Day: A Unique Tableau Illustrating the History of Democracy in India

News comes from the source of Reader Wall that during the Republic Day celebrations, Ministry of Culture has presented a tableau titled ‘Bharat: Mother of Democracy.’ The tableau, which employed advanced 3-D electronic depiction technology, effectively portrayed democracy’s evolution from ancient India to modern times.

Details of the Tableau

The tableau was ingeniously divided over two tractors and their trailers. The first tractor aimed to depict the Vedic Period (5000 BCE), showcasing significant figures from the era such as Buddha and Jain sages, portrayed as champions of dialogue.

The second tractor held replicas of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the prominent architect of the Indian Constitution, handing it over to the country’s first President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The trailer accompanying the tractor put forth more iconic democratic elements like mahajanapadas, the chariot of Humpy, the Constituent Assembly, and scenes depicting election processes. All these were illustrated via curvetured (sic) LED displays.

Significance of the Tableau

The official booklet of the 75th Republic Day celebrations provided a description of the tableau, signifying the historical significance of the democratic spirit in ancient India. The booklet states, “Bharat, the ancient land of wisdom, not only birthed profound spiritual teachings but also nurtured the seeds of democracy, flourishing long before the rest of the world recognized its significance.”

The documents continued stating that democracy in ancient India was not just a political ideology, but a holistic ethos encompassing spirituality and societal norms. The references from history about people actively choosing their leaders from the 5th century to 1st millennium BCE were highlighted.

Technological Marvel

The tableau displayed the ingenious usage of technology, with 3-D electronic depiction carefully crafted using anamorphic displays and special LEDs. Assembled using Unreal software, the 90-second content offered an immersive experience that could be seen visibly from a 120-degree angle.

Anamorphic content, in essence, is a distorted imagery which when seen from a particular viewpoint or suitable mirror or lens, appears normal. An Unreal engine, albeit primarily used for game development, was harnessed in the making of this tableau.

Public Display of Tableaus

All the Republic Day tableaus, including this one, will be on display at the Red Fort till January 31.



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