Snowstorm Disrupts Life in Himachal Pradesh: Power, Water, Communications Severed

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Severe Snowfall Disrupts Daily Life in Lahaul-Spiti District

As reported from our reliable sources, residents of the Kaza area in Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh have witnessed considerable disruption to their daily routines. The cause is continuous snowfall that took place between March 2nd and 4th, leading to numerous challenges in the area. Services like electricity, water supply and communication networks were severely hit by this sudden weather change. It reached a point where satellite phones were left as the only mode of communication for the locals.

A Herculean Task: Restoration Efforts

Our sources on the ground report that the concerned authorities are working hard to restore the affected services. The task, akin to a war footing, is currently underway to bring life back to normal in the region.

Impact on the Infrastructure

The intense snowfall not just disrupted utilities but also led to the closure of numerous roads, including three national highways. This has majorly affected the region’s connectivity and overall infrastructure. As a consequence, close to 346 roads and 365 electricity supply schemes were impacted in the area, leading to considerable challenges for the residents.

More Specifics: Situation in Lahaul-Spiti District

As per our sources, the Lahaul-Spiti district was particularly hard-hit by the snowfall. Two critical national highways and 260 roads were shut down in the district, causing significant disruptions to daily life. Furthermore, upwards of 155 electricity supply schemes were interrupted, adding to the woes of the local population.

Avalanche Report: Tandi Bridge

The calamitous weather also caused an avalanche on March 3rd, which partially buried some shops located near Tandi Bridge. Fortunately, owing to quick response from local authorities and rescue teams, no casualties or major losses being reported.

Going Forward

  • Efforts are ongoing to restore connectivity in the region.
  • The situation is being continually monitored.
  • Authorities are ensuring that essentials and basic amenities reach the local population.
  • Updates will continue to be provided as and when received from our sources on the ground.