Sinner Jannik Clinches Quick Triumph, Progresses to Australian Open’s Third Stage

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Successful Run for Jannik Sinner at Australian Open 2024

Italian tennis star Jannik Sinner showed his strength on the court once again, moving forward to the third round in style at the Australian Open 2024. Facing Dutchman Jesper de Jong, Sinner won the match with ease. The one-sided game ended with a 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 victory and was held at the renowned Margaret Court Arena, with the protection of a closed roof due to rainfall.

Match Highlights

The match was marked by Sinner’s strong and speedy style of play. De Jong wasn’t granted any room to reverse the tide, with Sinner maintaining control throughout. In fact, he didn’t lose a single break point in the one-hour-and-forty-five-minute contest. This match once again showcased Sinner’s powerful serve, with him losing only a few points during the whole game. Sinner continued his successful journey, following up on his fantastic quarterfinal stint in 2022.

Behind the Scenes

When not playing on court, Sinner revealed his tough fitness regime. He utilizes his time off in Melbourne for hard-hitting gym sessions. Despite his slim build, the 22-year-old harbors dreams of achieving a physique like the stars of the famous ‘Baywatch’ series. However, in a light-hearted sharing, he acknowledged satisfaction with his current body type, as he continues to nurture his dream of a muscular look.

Future Prospects for Sinner

The subsequent challenger for Sinner in the tournament remains undecided. He will face the winner of the match between players Daniel Elahi Galan and Sebastian Baez. As the tournament advances, Sinner retains an impressive edge from his winning stride in 2023. He currently has a win rate of 71.4% in Grand Slam events, the best among male Italian tennis players to date in the Open era.


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