Singapore Man Jailed for Ramming Car, Injuring Wife Amid Divorce Proceedings

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Man in Singapore Incarcerated following Violent Incident against Wife

In an outburst of violence fueled by rage and jealousy in Singapore, Norfarhan Mohamad Dahlan, a 42-year-old man, was sentenced to a prison term of eight weeks. A series of charges, namely criminal intimidation and engaging in reckless acts endangering personal safety, were the basis of this verdict. Our sources provide an in-depth look at the incident, which happened amidst the dissolution of his marriage.

Norfarhan’s Violent Confrontation

According to testimonies, Norfarhan discovered his spouse in the company of another man within a vehicle. When they refused to disembark upon his insistences, Norfarhan’s rage escalated, causing him to mount the vehicle’s exterior, aggressively strike the surface, and then strike the car with his van from the rear. This violent encounter led his wife to suffer from injuries to her neck and spinal cord.

Past Domestic Abuse and Court Involvement

This wasn’t Norfarhan’s first mano-a-mano. The court was informed about a prior instance of domestic violence exerted by Norfarhan towards his wife in February 2023. This led his wife to seek and receive an expedited order against him.

The Confrontation in Detail

On the day of the incident, Norfarhan, suspecting an affair, tailed his wife and her friend. Upon locating them, he demanded that they disembark from the vehicle. He progressively heightened the intensity of his demands, eventually wielding a hammer to intimidate them. Interestingly, his violent outburst was interrupted and halted by an off-duty police officer leading to his subsequent capture. The judicial proceedings that followed ensured Norfarhan was held accountable for his actions.

Norfarhan’s Offending History and Rehabilitation Journey

Norfarhan’s background is not free from blemishes. His record is tarnished with prior convictions, and, in his recent past, he was discharged from a rehabilitation facility for substance abuse.

  • Norfarhan’s encounter with his wife and another man instigated a violent outburst.
  • His reaction to the situation led to his wife sustaining neck and spinal injuries.
  • Past incidents of domestic violence reported in court resulted in an expedited order against him.
  • An off-duty officer intervened during his confrontation with his wife, leading to his arrest.
  • Norfarhan’s background includes previous convictions and recent completion of a drug rehabilitation programme.

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