Shreveport Author Unveils ‘Duck & Moose’ Graphic Novels for Kids, Inspired by Alaskan Adventure

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Shreveport Writer Kirk Reedstrom Unveils Graphic Novel Series For Kids

Kirk Reedstrom, a prominent author from Shreveport, has unveiled his first-ever graphic novel series for children. Entitled “Duck & Moose”, the series is being launched by Disney-Hyperion, according to information from our sources.

Mash-up of Adventure and Mischief

Reedstrom’s innovatively constructed series is primarily centered on the fun-filled escapades and playful mischief of a lovable duck and their companion, a moose. Children belonging to the age group of six to nine years are the target audience of this amusing and invigorating series.

The Inspirational Journey

The inspiration for the unique story concept of “Duck and Moose” traces back to Reedstrom’s memorable family expedition to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Alaska. A chance encounter with a moose family in Denali during this trip kindled the creative spark in him, ultimately leading to the birth of this series.

Collaboration for Ecological Accuracy

Reedstrom collaboratively worked with an expert ecologist from the renowned Denali National Park with an intention to infuse his stories with authentic and accurate ecological details. This close collaboration aids in ensuring that kids get an opportunity to experience and learn about ecology while being immersed in a fascinating story.

Engagement with Centenary College and Meadows Museum

Reedstrom is also actively collaborating with Centenary College’s enthusiastic students and the esteemed Meadows Museum. The primary aim behind this active engagement is to prepare for an exhibition showcasing the artworks inspired by his graphic novel. The exhibition is slated to welcome the audience from April 1, at the Centenary premises.

Where Can You Get Duck & Moose?

As per the latest updates from our sources, Reedstrom’s vibrant “Duck & Moose” series is up for grabs in most bookstores. This fun and educational graphic novel series awaits its young readers to embark on a delightful fictional journey that blends creativity, amusement, and environmental education.