Shafinaaz Hassim’s ‘Darlings of Durban’: A Tale of Sisterhood and Survival Amidst Societal Challenges

South Africa
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Unfolding the Enigma of ‘Darlings of Durban’ – A Glimpse into Shafinaaz Hassim’s Literary Work

In the latest podcast available on our platform, we delve into an engaging discussion with author Shafinaaz Hassim. Renowned for her mesmerizing narratives, Hassim has bagged attention this time around with her newest book, ‘Darlings of Durban’. Set amidst the coastal city’s charms, the book documents the tale of a friendship blooming within a group of ecstatic ladies who maintain a connection through a WhatsApp chat group.

Taking Inspiration from the Heart of Durban

Transforming the simplest elements into stories, Hassim’s inspiration originates from her contagiously positive vigor for Durban. Through her insightful words, she deftly spins stories of relationships, camaraderie and shared experiences, all embedded within the familiar frame of the city. In ‘Darlings of Durban’, the author forms an intimate portrayal of sisterhood, with the life of Durban serving as the tangible backdrop.

A Multifaceted Podcast Discussion

Beyond the book’s intriguing exploration, the podcast also ventures into numerous other essential themes. One of the main highlights includes an enlightening dialogue about school security. This particular issue has recently been under the scanner, because of an unfortunate incident that took place in a school where a 13-year-old faced charges of shooting his principal.

Strident Voices Against Animal Cruelty and Inadequate Social Grant Increases

The podcast further addresses some critical societal issues. The NSPCA has openly criticized a private high school located in Northern Cape. The institution, allegedly glorifying and promoting lion hunting for sport, has met severe disapproval from the animal welfare organization.

Black Sash, a human rights organisation, also expressed its disillusionment with the current Budget Speech. Their particular criticism pertained to the envelope of social grant increases, which, according to them, were significantly insufficient for meeting the basic needs of citizens. This discussion underscores the need for improved financial measures for the most vulnerable sections of our society.


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