Nadine Blom Joins OFM Bloemfontein: New Chapter for Celebrated Singer and Speaker

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Nadine Blom to Enchant the Airwaves on OFM Radio

Our sources reveal that supporting homegrown talent is at the heart of OFM Radio’s ethos. Continuing with this tradition, celebrated artist Nadine Blom is set to join the station, gracing the Bloemfontein airwaves from April 1, 2024.

Blom’s Involvement in OFM Radio

Blom will co-host two flagship shows, injecting her versatile talents into the station’s programming. On weekdays, she will share the co-host role for the Good Morning Breakfast show, broadcasting inspiring conversations from 6am to 9am. Music enthusiasts can end their week on a high note with Blom, as she also takes up the helm of the Nuut In Afrikaans show on Sunday evenings from 7pm to 8pm.

Award-Winning Artistry

Having made meaningful strides in the music industry, Blom is no stranger to accolades. Her career highlights include winning two SAMA Awards and a Ghoema Award. She also achieved gold status for several releases, marking her prominence in the South African music landscape. 2023 was a particular milestone, as she celebrated her 20th year in the industry with the launch of her hit ‘Nuwe Liefde’.

Multi-Faceted Contributions

In addition to her musical prowess, Blom has a wealth of knowledge in other fields. Notably, she earned a Masters in International Law and constantly uses her platform to advocate for human rights. She frequently addresses pertinent issues like cyber security and the potential pitfalls in social media usage.

Moreover, Blom’s track record proves she has a keen eye for innovative opportunities. When she identified a gap in the market for ‘African Tween pop music’, she promptly launched a DVD and CD under the title Supercool in 2009, giving birth to a new genre signature.

A Homecoming for Blom

Returning to her roots in Bloemfontein, Blom’s addition to the OFM family has stirred considerable anticipation. This enthusiasm doesn’t only stem from an expectation of her presence on radio, but also from her engagement with the local community. OFM’s diverse outdoor broadcasts and activities will benefit from her involvement and participation.

In sum, Nadine Blom’s addition to OFM Radio signals an exciting season for the station and its listeners alike. With fresh contributions to the airwaves and community involvement, Bloemfontein is bound to experience a wave of inspiration, all thanks to this multi-talented artist.


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