Senator Angara Opposes PS-DBM Abolition, Advocates for Reform Amid Corruption Claims

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Agency embroiled in controversy will not be abolished, says Senate Finance Chairman

Senator Sonny Angara, the Senate Finance Chairman, has put an end to speculation confirming to our sources that despite controversy and prevailing proposals, the Procurement Service-Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM) will not be abolished.

Revamping the System, not abolition

During his discussion, the Senate official underscored the government’s initiative to fine-tune the agency and curb any potential abuse. Past instances of PS-DBM operating independently and free of permanent employees or direct responsibility to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) have triggered this move.

Suggestions for Dissolution Spark Stir

The decision follows amid an outcry for dissolution from Senators Imee Marcos and Francis Tolentino. These lawmakers describe the agency as a ‘breeding ground for graft and corruption,’ particularly spotlighting problematic dealings during the pandemic and an irregular laptop procurement.

Restructuring to Preserve its Vital Role

Angara, instead of favoring abolition, advocates for reforming the system to enhance accountability. Despite current criticisms, he maintains that the original purpose of procuring common-use supplies for the government must be preserved. He aims to establish a system that actively prevents misuse while serving its principal function.

  • Unlike the dissolution proposed by senators Imee Marcos and Francis Tolentino, Senator Sonny Angara advocates reform and preservation of the current system.
  • Proposals for the agency’s dissolution have stirred the political scene, citing it as a ‘breeding ground for graft and corruption.’
  • The move to reform, instead of abolishing the agency, reflects the government’s efforts to curb misuse and retain its essential services within a more accountable system.
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