Secondary School Athletics Recap: Outstanding Displays Define Week’s Matches

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High School Sports Circuit Excitement With Basketball Games Heats Up

In recent local sports news, we saw a remarkable showcase of talent. The high school sports circuit was full of thrilling basketball games, topped with outstanding individual and team achievements. This news is reported from Reader Wall’s source.

Ysleta’s Strong Duo

Ysleta introduced a strong duo, M. Gonzalez and A. Thompson, who managed to score 15 and 8 points respectively. Another impressive performance was seen from DV’s team members Ryu N and Jojo N, each scoring 12 and 13 points, followed by teammate Kobe S with 10 points.

Andress Dominates Against Burges

The series saw an exciting clash between Andress and Burges. Andress was triumphant, claiming a win with a favorable 63-50 score. Their victory was led by top scorers, Cam Gulley and LeDavionne Jones, each scoring 15 and 16 points. In spite of their defeat, Burges’s player Anthony Rubio displayed a commendable effort, scoring 19 points for his team.

Epic Matches to Note

Several engaging matches stood out during the series. Mountain View triumphed over San Elizario, their win guided by Julian Escobedo, Gio Rodriguez, and Matt Slosar. Each player consistently reached double-digit scores. Pebble Hills prevailed over Coronado thanks to Matt Brown, who led the scoring. Chapin also emerged victorious against El Paso High, while Hanks defeated Parkland due to Israel Gonzalez’s remarkable 20-point score.

Wins for Canutillo and Irvin

Canutillo and Irvin also tasted victory in their respective games. Austin Bonilla and Javier Alvarado of Canutillo made significant contributions. Other victorious teams included Bel Air, Riverside, Franklin, and Eastwood, with players Matt Hernandez, Marcus Jauregui, and Edward Avila delivering key performances.

Girls’ Basketball Highlights

In the girls’ basketball matches, Lorianne Bueno, Caitlynn Clark, and Emma Balsiger stood out with strong performances. Americas beat Eastlake thanks to Mary Brooks and Timar Alexander’s double-figure scores. Arely Romero led Austin’s win over Irvin with a phenomenal 17-point game, while Jordyn Hernandez stole the spotlight by scoring 29 points for Burges versus Andress. Additionally, standout performances from players like O. While and Abi Ortega helped score victories for Pebble Hills and Eastwood. Riverside secured a win against Clint, influenced notably by Hazel Veloz’s 30-point game.

Soccer Matches Highlights

High school soccer also saw its share of excitement. Bowie, Montwood, and Eastlake had multiple goal scorers. Kevin Hernandez scored multiple goals, leading to team victories. Dayanara Chaisson also netted several goals. The sports week concluded with a thrilling game where Loretto Academy barely surpassed Fabens.


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