Search for missing Hyderabad teenager intensifies, says family and police since January 17

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Search Intensifies for Missing Hyderabad Teenager

In an update from our sources at Reader Wall, the search for a 17-year-old who has been missing since January 17th has intensified. This young resident of Kamalapuri Colony, Hyderabad, has left law enforcement and his family baffled as to his whereabouts. A collective social media effort is now in place to assist in locating the teenager as ten days have gone by with no strong leads.

The Circumstances of His Disappearance

On the evening of his disappearance, the young man indicated he was off to collect his eye test reports from a local eye hospital. However, he never returned home. This absence, coupled with several unanswered calls, raised alarm for his family. His vehicle was later found in the vicinity of Big Bazaar, Ameerpet, with his mobile phone tucked inside. Shelish Kannodia, the boy’s father, stated that the unexpected discovery led them to lodge a missing persons report with the Jubilee Hills police station.

A Promising Lead

As the family started scouring through the teenager’s mobile phone, they discovered a booking for a trip from Hyderabad to Shirdi through Orange travels. Accompanied by the police, the family journeyed to Shirdi and with the assistance of local law enforcement, were able to pull up CCTV footage that showed him exiting through gate number 4 of the Shirdi temple.

An Ongoing Search

Despite the promising lead, the family and a portion of the search team have returned to Hyderabad, while others continue looking in Shirdi. In the interim, there have been indications that the teenager returned to Hyderabad on January 22nd. After moving his vehicle from Big Bazaar to the Secunderabad Railway Station’s parking lot, CCTV footage from the station showed him in platform number seven. This has led authorities to suspect a potential journey on board the Rajkot Express train.

Likely Legal Proceedings

The Jubilee Hills police has filed a case under Section 363 of the IPC and continue to actively monitor the situations surrounding this mysterious disappearance.


In our continuous effort to serve the community, we ask you to keep a watchful eye for the missing teenager. He is described as 5’7″ tall, lean, and fair. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact the authorities right away. Your participation and awareness are tremendously appreciated. Source: Reader Wall.


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